Prayers Are Not Enough To Solve Nigeria’s Problems –Movement

A socio-political organization, the 2014 Nigeria Movement, has urged Nigerians to change the mentality that the country’s problems can be solved by simply praying.

Rather, the 2014 Nigeria Movement said it was the time that Nigerians realized that they must match their prayers with practical actions.

The group said it was lamentable that the country had yet to make appreciable progress over a century since the 1914 amalgamation, adding that it would be shameful to bequeath Nigeria, as it is today, to the coming generations.

The leadership of the 2014 Nigeria Movement made this point on Thursday when they paid a courtesy visit to Punch Place, the corporate headquarters of Punch Nigeria Limited, at Magboro, Ogun State.

On the delegation led by Maj. Gen. Henry Ayoola (retd.), were Mr. Yinka Quadri, Oloye Adegboyega Adeniji, and a former Editor of The PUNCH, Mr. Bola Bolawole.

Speaking for the group after reading a statement titled, “Rise up Nigeria… Enthroning a New Order,” Ayoola said Nigeria was too endowed with human and mineral resources for God not to have a purpose for the country.

He said the group believed that the problems bedeviling the country were narrow and if they could be addressed, the country would prosper and the various secessionist agitations would cease.

Ayoola said Nigerians should see the country’s size a blessing, adding that the 2014 Nigeria Movement was determined to galvanize Nigerians to take practical steps that would result in a positive change.

He said, “I have children and grandchildren and I am not proud to bequeath this current Nigeria to them. And I don’t want to be guilty of posterity where my children will ask, ‘Dad, grandpa, when you saw these things, what did you do?’ We can’t say we were praying. Yes, it is good to pray, but we need to do something in addition to prayer. There is God’s sovereignty and there is also human responsibility. The two must come together. So, these are the things that are driving us.”

To achieve its aim, Ouadri said 2014 Nigeria Movement would combine communication with actions such as “going to court and engaging in litigation,” adding that, “We will go to the National Assembly to push conversations; we will organize our people and do street walks if necessary and ultimately we want to bring our people together to participate in the electoral process.

“Nigerians have had enough of long talks and speeches; now is about action. We can’t leave this country for our children like this.”

Written by Maureen

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