Pastor Oliver Said They May Be No Nigeria In 2023

The general over of New Testament Word Of Faith International Ministry Pastor Oliver said they may not be Nigeria in 2023 for this not to come pass he implored his congregations to be prayerful.


He said in the next six months he doesn’t know what’s going to happen in Nigeria but he sees big issues, troubles in Nigeria.

He urged his congregations to pray in their free times, He made it known to his members that he had the revelation clear not a dream that there will be issues and he wishes there will be Nigeria in 2023.

There will be clashes between Nigerians in which some international communities will come in to stop the clashes through killing.

He advised his congregations if they have siblings in the North they should instruct them to leave north they only have February and March 2023 to leave north.

He further said Abuja/Lagos/Kaduna/might be safe but Kano/Plateau /Sokoto are not safe.

Their mission for these clashes is to stabilize Islam in Nigeria and the pieces of machinery are all everywhere in Nigeria.

Also, he said the Eastern part will be hot not too safe and some part of Yoruba will be hot as well all that we need now is prayer.

Pastor Oliver said this killing is silent killing not by using a bomb or guns but by using knives.

Written by Maureen

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