My Husband Wants To Kill Me With Sex, Woman Tells Akure Court

“My Lord, my husband wants to kill me with constant sexual intercourse, he does consume alcoholic drinks prepared with different herbs to enhance his performance; he intimidates sexually and vowed to kill me with sex”.

This was the lamentation of a middle-aged trader in Akure, Mrs. Halimat Adewale before a customary court sitting in Akure, the Ondo State capital.

Mrs. Halimat Adewale was defending herself from the allegation leveled against her by her husband.

“my husband intimidates me sexually, he would drink alcohol with different types of herb to sleep with me. He said he would kill me with sex if I did not pack off the house.

“He was frustrating me so I can leave the house we both built. My husband had earlier told me that when he almost kill me with sex, I will leave the house, everyone knows us with our crisis in the street.

“He would pursue me to the street nakedly whenever I refuse to sleep with him. He would remove my pant in the present of our children, the court can delegate someone to go and verify from our neighbors in the street”, she said.

Halimat, who told the court she is not ready to leave her husband and not guilty of all the allegations, said the plaintiff has abandoned his responsibility as a father.

She informed the court that she has been the one paying the school fees, and providing food for the family.

“Referring to a day, when the plaintiff parent came to their house, telling her that all the money she spent on their house was only borrowed, that his husband (plaintiff) would return it back to her or that the plaintiff would support her when she wants to build her own house too”.

Earlier, the plaintiff, Teslim Adewale, had approached the Grade ‘B’ customary sitting in Oke Eda, seeking the court for the dissolution of his 16 – year old marriage, on the ground of ” no rest of mind, no care for the family, threatening of life and no more love”.

Teslim, however, denied the statement of the respondent, saying he was the one taking care of his family and also paying school fees.

He explained further that since they move to their house he was broke and do work as a partial farmer of which his wife knows about.

“I have tried all my possible best to settle our dispute, I told her we have young children and what lesson does she want our children to grow up with but my wife would not listen.

“My wife is not ready to step down for me, she does not respect me for anything, I am the husband she can not be dictating for me, he said.

Still responding to non-payment of their children’s school fees, he tendered some receipt of payment to the court as evidence to prove the payments, adding that the respondent would never allow his efforts to yield.

Teslim, further explained to the court series of things he has been doing as a father to his family, making reference to the time he bought a Generator since their wires have been disconnected from the pole, how he bought slippers to one of his children and many more.

The marriage was blessed with three minors, two boys 11 and 8, and a female 3 years old age.

The presiding president of the court, Chief R.F Olusanya pleaded with the two parties to be patient and be submissive to each other, describing their issue as a minor that should have been settled amicably.

He advised them to consult Elders of their families for settlement.

Olusanya, therefore adjourned the case till February 3, 2020, probably for the result of settlement or for hearing.

Written by Maureen

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