Minnesota Bus Driver Who Drove Students For 55 years To Be Buried In Customised Casket

A beloved Minnesota bus driver, Glen P Davis, who died on Saturday, February 15, at the age of 88 had the perfect send-off.

In a special tribute, Davis will be laid to rest in a custom casket designed like a school bus donated by Grand Meadow’s Jim Hindt of Hindt Funeral Home.

Glennie, as he was popularly referred to by kids, proudly ferried Grand Meadow students back and forth from school for 55 years, from 1949 to 2005, without a single accident, CNN reported.

GIOTV gathers that as a homage to his dedication to getting kids safely to school and on time, the owner of the local Funeral Home donated a custom-made casket painted to look just like a school bus.

The casket’s design is said to have been Davi’s idea, which he came up with it 20 years ago and pitched the idea to his friend, Hindt.

“Glen had always joked with me about wanting to be buried in a casket that looked like a school bus,” Hindt said.

“We just kind of put it together out of friendship for him. I was not sure whether Glen really wanted to use it,” he added.

According to his wife, the idea first came to Davis during a conversation with one of his sons-in-law when he told Davis about a school bus casket he had seen in a design magazine.

“It never left his mind,” said the son-in-law.

The yellow coffin reads Grand Meadow Schools — ISD #495 in big, bold black letters on the side, just like his own school bus read.

It was painted by one of Hindt’s family friends, the final touches put on by his creative niece.

Davis was alive when the coffin was revealed to him six years ago and his daughter, Lisa Hodge, was there to witness the emotional unveiling.

“He was speechless. He was just overjoyed, and he could not believe somebody was actually able to do it for him,” she said.

Even after retiring from his bus-driving career in 2005, he continued being behind the wheel as a volunteer with Meals on Wheels.

He is survived by four children, five grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

Written by Maureen

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