Lady Gets Pregnant For Coursemate After Boyfriend Sponsored Her Education

A Nigerian man identified simply as Eka has narrated how his cousin got betrayed by his girlfriend after she cheated on him with another man in school. The man narrated the story on the popular micro-blogging platform, Twitter.

The young man explained that his cousin, who has been sponsoring his girlfriend’s education in the university, was left heartbroken

Eka revealed that his cousin is a fashion designer and he has been using profits gained from his tailoring business to pay for her school and other education-related stuff.

According to the lady identified as Jennifer Washington, she found it very funny that her man had gone behind her back to get married to someone else. Surprisingly, she did not take this to heart.

Instead, she congratulated her ex-boyfriend and his new wife whose names are Fredrick Burnom and Raquel Massie. She even shared a photo of the duo in their wedding attires looking and posted a screenshot of her last conversation with the newly married groom

Being in a relationship for a long time or doing something amazing for your partner does not necessarily mean they would be as honest as you are with them with you and it does not guarantee their love either. This, however, should not stop you from loving with all your heart, it just means you should be careful when you do so.

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