Dayo Amusa Stated That Being A Woman Does Not Make Her Less Than A Man

The issue of gender equality remains one of the most debated topics in Nigeria and it has become even more intense with the growing movement of feminism. Yoruba actress, Dayo Amusa recently spoke out about being independent.

In a lengthy Instagram post, the actress who doubles as a singer spoke about taking charge of her life and being responsible for the decisions she makes in her life.

She also stated that being a woman does not make her less than a man. Talking about being an independent woman, she stated that it does not mean she hates men or that she won’t submit to a man.

She wrote: “I am independent because I take responsibility for my life. I refuse to play the blame game on anyone or make other people scapegoats for my failures. I do not allow the culture or religion to define me. Just because I am a woman doesn’t mean I am less than a man. Just because my skin may be darker or lighter than someone else’s doesn’t make me any less beautiful.

I am empowered to choose my companions, belief system & standards, based on what I feel is right for me. I can stand on my own if need be, but I do not boast about it or make others feel small just because they can’t. Being independent doesn’t mean I do not need love. It doesn’t mean i like going home alone.

It doesn’t mean I hate men or that i won’t submit. It doesn’t mean i will stop being feminine & ladylike. I still want to be cared for & pampered by my partner. I desire to have doors opened & be treated to dinner. I still want to be protected & covered with the assurance that everything is going to be okay. YES, I Love my independence.”

Written by Maureen

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