Bobrisky Called Tunde Ednut Bastard For Laying Claims To Speed Darlington Success .

Bobrisky is a Nigerian internet personality and philanthropist who is known as a prominent transgender woman in Nigeria, She is also known for her presence on the social media has took to her Instagram page to called Tundeednut a bastard for laying claims to Speed Darlington success


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Image may contain: possible text that says 'Can't Tundeednut create his own content ? D fact that he is always bringing other people down disgust me so much. When has shading other people become a hustle?'


  • bobrisky222D fool has been on my block list since over 3yrs now. He should come for me I will go for him multiple times. You all know I hardly fight but if I do… it’s always vital 💪. I fight to win I never loose a battle. So for those preparing to fight me dis 2020 be ready !!!!!2h
  • saymimieeOga mind your business shook your mouth for this matter2h119 likesReply
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  • bright_hassan8@bobrisky222 I stan and restan tacha oo buh i think he was joking all dose time he was shading tacha22mReply
  • bettychris8@bobrisky222 Exactly Bob,he is always trying to bring people down19mReply
  • ogeferrari@bobrisky222 you are the best!❤️8mReply
  • dj_shoki_boy🙌🙌2h17 likesReply
  • omarianahYou too fresh to fight ooooooo save ur energy for your dance video… I enjoy it a lot😍😍😍2h42 likesReply
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  • hardcore9ja_vDon’t mind him… very partial set of person….. 👹👹👹2h36 likesReply
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  • mannie_zaddyAhhn2h3 likesReply
  • chy.amakaHe really isn’t doing it right,speedy has pleaded a couple of times but yet,what do you gAin by pushing ur fellow human to the wall,it’s really not fair he should leave the young man alone2h67 likesReply
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  • shaggiagnes😂😂😂2h2 likesReply
  • justimagine_dentrepreneurAll me i want to do is make money🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣….. Amma leave the slaying for Bob and the Shading for Tundeednut….. #icantshout2h31 likesReply
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  • officialtinaa_🤣🤣🤣2h3 likesReply
  • moko_money1Use that energy to fight for Iran 🇮🇷2h80 likesReply
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  • amakachijoyEverything is a joke to him 😥😥he talks without thinking2h82 likesReply
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  • 9ja_prettyForgive him ma2h3 likesReply
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