Abuja-Based Lawyer Express Passionate Grief About 4,000 Divorce Applications Already In 2020

Marriages are hard work as it takes a lot from both parties involved to make things go well. Perhaps, this is what some people see when they say that a good marriage is an achievement.

While it is a better choice to go separate ways when things do not longer work, a broken marriage is a dent, a mark that something serious must have gone wrong or that both partners were just never ready. An Abuja based lawyer, Annebrefa, on Twitter on Friday, February, 21, raised an alarm on the 4000 divorce applications that have been filed this year alone.

She said that those applications were just those filed in the country’s capital. Imagine if other states are factored in. Annebrefa added that some of the marriages involved were just a year old. She ended her by asking “What is really happening?”

Written by Maureen

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  1. Too much tradition of men as it was with d Pharasees, instead of each party or oerson walking in Jesus shoes and practicing His ways no matter d gender…For God would b judging based on our intentions, lack of love for self and others and even towards our Heavenly Father . For to Him, we each would return, in d spirit, upon shedding d physical body🙏😍🙏

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